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            The expert approach


Practice Areas


Make your ideas fly!

Rocket Science

Space vehicle and space mission design and related engineering services - from concepts through review, validation and testing.

Airspace and Aviation Operations & Safety

Airspace design, aircraft operations, aircraft connectivity, and digital services for even safer and more economical operations of civilian aircraft -- from business jets to airliners.

Project and Process Management

Project, programme and product management, process optimasation, process introduction and management of change.

Leadership Training and Certification

Certification services to provide you with confidence that the right people have the right qualifications to get your job done as quickly, effectively and efficiently as possible.

Business Development

Creating new business and helping you understand the business case and business proposition of your solutions.

Regulatory and Standardisation Support

Representation at ICAO, AEEC, local governments and autorities to help you understand and shape the legal and regulatory environment of your business.

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